Police Investigation

How long will a Police Investigation take?

This can take several months to complete, it depends on the complexity of the case. There may be many witnesses to be interviewed, specialist witnesses involved such as pathologists or forensic scientists. The Family Liaison Officer will keep you informed of the progress.

What is a Senior Investigation Officer?

The Senior Investigation Officer is the leader of the police investigation team, providing investigative focus, motivation and accountability for every facet of the enquiry, whilst managing a whole host of specialists resources to maximum effect. Most investigations into fatal and serious collisions will necessitate the need for a traffic supervisor to perform the role of SIO. Individual forces will have in place systems for appointing officers to the SIO function; this will typically be a traffic sergeant or inspector.

Do all police forces work the same way when dealing with fatal collisions?

Dealing with road death is a core police work, and it is the view of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) that a national criteria should exist to enable the whole police service to work to a consistent standard of professional investigation. A road death investigation manual was produced to facilitate consistency.

Can I meet the SIO?

Yes you can. At any stage during the investigation you can to meet the SIO or pass any messages to him through your family liaison officer (FLO).

Will the SIO tell me everything?

If the Senior Investigating Officer can give you the answer to your question, s/he will. If for any reason s/he cannot give you the answer then s/he will take time and explain exactly why he cannot. It may be a case that s/he doesn’t know the answer, or the release of the information may jeopardise the enquiry.