Coping With Grief


Disbelief about what has happened is common. It is usual to talk about the person as if s/he is still alive, possibly expecting them to walk through the door. When waking up, the realisation of what has happened can be particularly difficult to cope with.
“Why me?” is a common thought.

Feeling helpless

It may be difficult to cope with day to day activities e.g. work, housekeeping, shopping or take part in social activities, sports or hobbies.
It is natural to feel helpless and powerless but this can be very frustrating and upsetting.

Not wanting to go out

In the early stages of grief, it is common to be scared to go outdoors and to suffer feelings of panic if alone in a busy environment such as a shopping centre or train station.
Bereavement can make people feel fearful and alone. It is common to worry about being abandoned by those you love.


Flashbacks and dreams can be frightening and disturbing, but may be experienced. They could be about the crash or a time in hospital following the crash or about the person who has died. It is common to dream that the person is still alive, which can be upsetting on waking.
Flashbacks and dreams can be frightening and disturbing.


Bereaved people often feel very angry at the injustice and senselessness of a death on the road. For people who do not normally get angry, these feelings may be distressing.