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We understand that this is a difficult and confusing time. You hear so much information yet it is so hard to take it all in.

Our ‘Question and Answer’ section aims to take you through the process experienced by many road traffic collision victims.

We hope that it provides the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Coping With Grief

Disbelief Disbelief about what has happened is common. It is usual to talk about the person as if s/he is still alive, possibly expecting them to walk through the door. When waking up, the realisation of what has happened can be particularly difficult to cope with. “Why me?” is a common thought. Feeling helpless It […]

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Family Liaison Officers

What does a Family Liaison Officer do? Family Liaison Officers are experienced police officers who volunteer to carry out the role, and in the case of a serious or fatal road traffic collision, would normally be a traffic officer. Family Liaison Officers are specially trained to work with families and as part of the investigation […]

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Intensive Care Units

What is an Intensive Care Unit? Patients whose conditions are life-threatening either through serious injury or illness need constant, close monitoring. The often need equipment and medicine to support normal body functions. This care is provided in an intensive care unit (ICU) that is sometimes called an intensive therapy unit or a critical care unit. […]

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Funeral Grants

What is a Funeral Grant? Help towards the cost of a funeral Depends on your circumstances, not those of the person who has died One-off payment How can I get a Funeral Grant? Are you or your partner getting: Income Support? Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance? Housing Benefit? Council Tax Benefit? Tax Credits? If YES to one, […]

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Police Investigation

How long will a Police Investigation take? This can take several months to complete, it depends on the complexity of the case. There may be many witnesses to be interviewed, specialist witnesses involved such as pathologists or forensic scientists. The Family Liaison Officer will keep you informed of the progress. What is a Senior Investigation […]

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Coroners & Inquests

What is a Coroner? Coroners are independent judicial officers in England and Wales who must follow laws that apply to coroners and inquests. Each coroner has a deputy and one of them must be available at all times to deal with matters relating to the inquest and postmortems. Coroners are usually lawyers but may be […]

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Criminal implications after a road traffic collision

What are the criminal implications after a road traffic collision? Following an incident on the road involving a motor vehicle and a serious or fatally injured person, the police will be called to investigate the circumstances of the incident usually with the assistance of experienced road traffic police officers and a member of the Collision […]

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Making a Victim Personal Statement

What is a victim personal statement? A victim personal statement gives you the chance to tell the courts about any support you might need, and how the crime has affected you (for example, the crime could have effected you physically, emotionally or financially). What do they mean by a victim? In relation to road traffic […]

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Civil Law

Civil Law for the victims of death and injury What does this mean? The system of compensation for the victims of those injured or killed in road collisions is governed by Civil Law. This has to be distinguished from Criminal Law and there are a number of important differences. Compensation is simply the award of […]

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Dealing with the Press

Will the press be interested? If the collision involves the death of someone or serious injury, newspapers, magazines, television and radio journalists may be interested in the crash and any subsequent court case. How do they find out your details? The media have several ways of obtaining information, including making enquiries in the general area […]

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Organ Donation

What organs can be transplanted? Kidneys, heart, liver, lungs, pancreas, small bowel, corneas, heart valves and bone can all be transplanted. Skin can be used to treat patients with severe burns. Techniques are improving all the time and it may soon be practical to transplant other parts of the body. If I want to go […]

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Useful Resources

A selection of useful resources for parents & carers dealing with a sudden death or serious injury in the family, and a number of road safety recommendations.

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