Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility aims to ensure that companies conduct their business in a way that is ethical. This means taking account of their social, economic and environmental impact, and consideration of human rights.

CSR can involve a range of activities such as:

  • Working in partnership with local communities/charities
  • Socially responsible investment (SRI)
  • Developing relationships with employees and customers
  • Environmental protection and sustainability

Businesses also practice social responsibility by donating to national and local charities. Businesses have a lot of resources that can benefit charities and community initiatives.

There has been increased demands from employees, customers and government bodies for businesses to be more open about their activities and to reach and maintain acceptable standards in their business practice.

Today’s consumers hold companies to a higher standard. They’re looking for more than just material products or quality services when choosing a company to work with: Nine out of 10 consumers expect companies to not only make a profit, but also operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues.

For employers, CSR is now seen as an important way to increase competitive advantage, protect and raise brand awareness and build trust with customers and employees.

With that in mind, we are looking to link with businesses in Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester, particularly if they employ drivers. Within those areas we can provide a full range of support, including home visits. (We cover any area but can currently only provide phone support in other parts of Great Britian)

We don’t need financial support at present, but may in the future when our Lottery funding finishes.  We would like to forge new links with ethical companies who would be willing to support our charity, and in return we will provide links to your company on our website, helping to raise your profile and increasing respect for your company.

With your support we can continue to support victims of road traffic collisions, people whose lives have changed suddenly and dramatically.

If you feel you can help us or would like more information, please contact us by email at or call us on 0845 634 4273.