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About Us

Aftermath SUPPORT began as a pilot scheme for Merseyside, funded and supported by the Home Office. The scheme was a partnership of three organisations, with the single aim of improving support provided to victims of incidents involving road death and serious injury. The partnership consisted of:

  • Road Peace
  • Headway
  • Merseyside Police

The pilot scheme ended on 31st March 2005 and Aftermath SUPPORT is now a charity (1111298)  continuing to support victims of road collisions.

We still work closely with the above groups and are also supported by numerous other organisations to form a considerable network of support. The scheme is specifically aimed at families (in the widest sense, and includes extended and split families and same sex relationships, and issues with disability and different cultural needs) who are bereaved, and also victims (including actual victims, families and carers of those seriously injured). An essential component of this scheme is that it caters for the needs of the individual, and that the Volunteer Field Workers are trained to take into account the needs of road collision victims.